Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Defending Jacob

Previous to this, I had not read anything by William Landay.  But I picked up his latest book, Defending Jacob, and I do believe my jaw is STILL wide open - even finishing a week ago!  This book was not my typical read - I tend to not go to trial/lawyer stuff - it usually gets too deep into law for me.  But this one was a riveting read - kept me going right from the start!  It is the story of Jacob, a 14 year old boy, charged with murder of a school mate - BUT Jacob is also the son of Andy Barber, the assistant district attorney for more than 20 years.  There are twists all throughout this novel - and you really get involved as you can relate to the narrator, Andy, as he battles the doubt, fear, and worries that any parent would encounter going through a court case like this.  I truly enjoyed this novel - it was tough but real.  What leaves my jaw sagging is the ending - NO SPOILERS HERE - but if you read it - please leave a comment - I mean really, that's the end!?!?!?  I demand a sequel!!!

Pick it up - it is well worth the read!  It is a murder/thriller that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Anonymous said...

Couple of comments. Was Laurie not charged? They sound like Andy left the court for the last time. I also felt Andy was often dilusional about what and who his son was. I felt Laurie carried all the preasure and insight to what was really there life. I felt Any looked away many times.

Anonymous said...

Laurie was a bit under developed as a character and it was obvious one of two things did happen; 1) You could imagine her doing what she did at the end. 2) that she was the killer who killed to protect her son.
On the whole, a very good read.

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