Tuesday, December 06, 2011


So B. It resonated with me - loved EVERYTHING about it - so when I saw that Sarah Weeks had a new novel - I was hoping I would be in line to review it! Pie, Weeks' latest novel, is again - a hit! Our junior readers are going to love this mystery all about pie!! Alice's favorite aunt, Polly, dies - and not only is that sad because Polly was one of the few people that Alice could connect with, but it also means that Aunt Polly's famous pies will come to an end. Aunt Polly was known all around for her fabulous pies and awards she had earned for those pies. So when the will is read and Alice is given Aunt Polly's cat, LARDO, the family can not figure out why the famous recipe is left to the cat AND what that means for them! This book really is a great read - fun and FULL of pie recipes too! Our younger readers will enjoy this - Sarah Weeks just DOES NOT disappoint!!

*I was sent a review copy by the publisher.

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