Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Focus on the Family and Tyndale have produced a DVD that will change the way you see things. Unplanned is a powerful DVD! The story of Abby Johnson and her journey into working for Planned Parenthood and then coming out of it after being so convicted about what she was telling women. The story is honest and well-told. The DVD is interesting and honest. I commend both Focus on the Family and Tyndale for great work on this project - I hope it touches lives and changes opinions on both sides of the abortion issue.

GO HERE to see the book - which I would just LOVE to read as well. I have heard great things about it.

Learn more about the Unite for Life Webcast coming up on May 17.

HERE IS THE FUN NEWS!! I have a certificate to give away for a copy of the DVD. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog with your email address.

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*I was provided a copy of the DVD by Tyndale for review purposes.

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Katie info@lifecarepc.org said...

We heard Abby at the Care Net conference in Texas last fall--but only for about 10 minutes. I would love to hear her whole story!

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