Sunday, December 05, 2010

Crashing Through

I think the very first conference we went to for our daughter was one put on by the Braille School here in Iowa. And what I kept hearing over and over was about a book - Crashing Through - I am not kidding - MANY people kept telling me to read it. SO that is just what I went and did. What an inspiring story - it is the true story of Michael May. He became blind at the age of 3 from a chemical reaction and spent the rest of his life NOT letting his blindness stop him. He truly faced his blindness and did not let it get in the way of life - in fact, he was even a champion downhill skier - he truly amazed me at how he tackled life. But the crux of the book comes when Michael is faced with a decision - there is a doctor that feels he can possibly restore May's sight with stem cells and surgery - and here is where the story got very challenging. In my mind, I am thinking - well, of course I 'd have the surgery - even in light of the risks - but May has learned how to live a very full life because of his blindness and you really wonder if he is going to go through with the surgery or not. It is a great read - it challenges me as a mom of a little girl that is nearly legally blind - but it will challenge all of us as well - what really is important in our life??

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