Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pick Me Up

DK Publishers sent me these new books that makes me want to say, "DK's done it again!"

Pick Me Up is a book that will make kids (and adults) want to pick it up!!! It reminds me of "almanac information" but the format is fun and easy to read! TONS of information in here - more than one can catch in one reading FOR SURE! This is a book that kids will check out over and over to find something new! What a fun read!

Open Me Up is a human body/anatomy book that is just "WOW" - it is detailed and intricate and yet will capture kids of all ages. DK is famous for their wonderful illustrations and this book is no exception!

How to be a Genius: Your Brain and How to Train It will be one that I will have a hard time keeping in the library! It is a book that is packed with puzzles, games and optical illusions - all to help kids think creatively and sharpen their minds. Another great title!

Lastly, Children's Book of Art - also by DK - this is an amazing introduction to the world's most amazing paintings and sculptures. Not only does it feature the works, but it gives important background information like - what technique they used in their work, different styles of art, and other art galleries all in one book! I am SO wishing I had this one last summer for our Summer Reading Program, but I'll take it now and pass it all around!!

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