Thursday, May 21, 2009

Global Wonders

I absolutely LOVE Global Wonders - their DVD's have been checking out like crazy at our library and my own daugther begs me often to bring another one home!! SO when they sent me their CD: Around the World Music - I was thrilled. It DOES NOT disappoint - the music is fun and gives a nice feel for music from other cultures. Don't miss this one! It is planned to be a series, and I am excited about that!

Here is what Global Wonders says:

Global Wonders™ Unveils ‘Around the World Music,’ Bringing Children and Families an Authentic Global Musical Experience Just in time for World Music Day

* * *

Available Exclusively Beginning May 19th on iTunes and May 26th on

Features Emmy Award Winning Composer and Culturally Authentic Musical Performances Creating a Fun and Educational Experience

Global Wonders: Around the World Music. Featuring authentic cultural styles, original compositions and fun sing-a-long songs, the album helps parents nurture cultural awareness in their children by exploring new rhythms and musical genres from around the world.

Global Wonders is an award-winning brand of children’s cross-cultural entertainment and education. The new album follows the successful launch of the Global Wonders DVD series and iTunes children’s video podcast, which shot to the top 10 in iTunes’ Kids & Family category.

Global Wonders: Around the World Music is produced and composed by Emmy Award winner Jim Latham, whose work includes original songs, themes and scores for a variety of children's programming (JoJo's Circus, Dragon Tales, and Disney Princess: A Christmas of Enchantment). For Global Wonders, Latham leveraged his broad musical experiences to meet the challenge of creating an album that was kid-friendly, culturally authentic and educational.

The first album in what will be an ongoing series , Around the World Music includes the Global Wonders Theme Song (A Great Big World) featuring a catchy sing-along chorus with layers of instruments from eight different countries, including an Indian Sitar, Australian Didgeridoo, Japanese Koto, a Ghana log drum and a Scottish Bagpipe. In Global Wonders Hello, children are introduced to words and phrases to say “Hello” in 10 different languages.

The album includes 19 songs covering cultures and musical styles from India, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Ireland, Cuba and the United States (New Orleans Jazz, and Hawaiian Tiki). Highlights include a unique version of Vande Mataram, (India’s national song and the second most popular song in the world, per the BBC), incorporating a children’s choir into the chorus; Go Go Greece, a get-up-and-dance traditional Greek song; Banda Dance from Mexico; the Bollywood style India Celebrations; and America The Beautiful in a gospel vibe.

Global Wonders: Around the World Music will be available exclusively for download on iTunes beginning May 19, and for order at as of May 26; suggested retail price is $9.99. A music video, Global Wonders: Hello, also is available on iTunes .

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