Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Family

Happy Family by Wendy Lee is a story about an American couple that adopts a baby from China - but the REAL story revolves around a Chinese Immigrant, Hua Wu, that becomes the nanny for this adopted child, Lily.  I felt for Hua Wu - her life here in the U.S. is a struggle, but what was so hard was all of the not-so-smart choices she made.  It was hard to read about her making poor choices.  The book was also a downer in that the adoptive parents' marriage is barely staying together - and that was hard to read as well.  Then there is Lily - the little girl caught in the middle of a marriage that is nearly done and a nanny that can not seem to make a "go of it" in the U.S.  Very sad book - hard to read.  There are some great points and good things to learn from Hua Wu's life, but I just felt it was a tough book to read.  I was hoping it would be more about adoption as well and there was not much about that.  I found this REVIEW and agree with it as well.


heather (errantdreams) said...

Ouch. I don't need a book to be cheerful, but it sounds like this one would just be too much of a downer.

Eileen said...

My Lindsey's middle name is HuaWu! Her Chinese name was Chun Hua Wu. So of course this caught my eye right away and I want to read the book, sad or not. Thanks for the review.

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