Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Glass Castle

We are having a book discussion tonight at the library on Jeannette Walls' The Glass Castle. So good thing I JUST finished it!!! That is not like me to leave it to the last minute but this book was just a tougher one to read. I loved the writing - that wasn't it at all, it's just the subject matter. Any story where children are abused or neglected is a tough one for me to read. It was nothing like Dave Pelzer's stories - not that hard to read - in fact, sometimes this book even had me laughing out loud, but I am just amazed at the neglect and downright selfishness of some parents. I just sat there and thought, "Someone needs to talk to these parents!!! Or take the kids away. No kids should have to live like that." But the amazing part of the story is the Jeannette actually makes it all work to her good - her home life pushes her to move beyond and become something. I truly enjoyed the book - it does end with hope - at least for some of the kids. It is a wonderful memoir - and I do hope it doesn't end up like this one!!!

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