Saturday, January 20, 2007

Summer of the War

Summer of the War by Gloria Whelan is another wonderful Junior High/Teen book that I just finished. I usually do enjoy Whelan's work so I wasn't surprised that this one scored high on my list. This book is set in Michigan during the summer of 1942. It is the story of Belle and how each summer she and her siblings go to the Upper Peninsula to spend some time on "their island". It is usually a summer filled with family time and lots of fun outdoors but this summer is different - their wealthy, Parisian cousin, Carrie plans to come and stay. It turns their summer upside down and Belle has to learn what it means to live with someone you have a hard time getting along with. Consequently - since it is set during 1942 we have two "wars" going on during this summer! The end takes quite a turn but really clinches the story - I enjoyed this one.

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